Would You Try These 13 Absolutely Outrageous Ice Cream Flavors? — Eat This Not That

2022-12-13 12:17:57 By : Ms. Daisy Wang

If there's a treat we can't pass up, it's ice cream. Whether it's a soft serve cone covered in sprinkles from a truck, a homemade scoop at a fancy ice cream shop, or a cold pint from the freezer, eating the dairy treat is one of life's greatest joys—especially in the summer.

While we love the classic vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry flavors—as well as fun ones like salted caramel, raspberry, lemon, and even sweet corn and olive oil flavors—those aren't the only kinds of ice cream to choose from. In fact, there are some ice cream makers who are taking things up a notch to produce some truly outrageous new varieties. Wholesale Popcorn Creamy Flavor

Would You Try These 13 Absolutely Outrageous Ice Cream Flavors? — Eat This Not That

Some of the following ice cream flavors might make you scream for ice cream—or run as far away as possible. Which of these over-the-top ice creams would you try, and which would you toss? (And next, don't miss The Best Ice Cream Shop in Every State.)

This limited edition flavor is made from tortilla chips, gooey nacho cheese, spicy tomato jam, finely chopped black olives, and candied jalapeños. You can pre-order it at the creative creamery's website .

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The "Official Ice Cream of the American Pregnancy Association," Nightfood launched a pickle flavor ice cream a few years ago to tackle two very common pregnancy cravings: Ice cream and pickles. This pint also happens to be packed with more calcium, magnesium, zinc, protein, and fiber than regular ice cream. 

The iconic collaboration we're not sure anyone was looking for, Brooklyn-based Van Leeuwen wants you to enjoy two comfort food favorites in one bowl . Yes, it's that orange powder color, but you don't have to stir it in yourself.

Leave it to Maine to actually put lobster in ice cream. With a vanilla bean and butter base, the lobster is pulled fresh from the Atlantic and then cooked, chopped, and stirred into the ice cream. You'll have to head to Bar Harbor to try this briny delight.

This North Carolina shop actually makes you sign a waiver before trying this ice cream made with three kinds of peppers and two kinds of hot sauce. This super-spicy ice cream will leave your mouth scorching hot.

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Maine-based shop Rococo Creamery is full of unique flavors, and this particular concoction, which mixes the famous Red Hot candies into banana ice cream is one of the more outrageous flavors on the menu. 

Made from freshly popped corn steeped in fresh dairy, this unique flavor from everyone's favorite adventurous ice cream creamery is stirred with golden toffee to give it that kettle corn crunch. Jeni's is betting big on popcorn with this flavor. 6254a4d1642c605c54bf1cab17d50f1e

Sweet Action, a Denver-based creamery, creates a high-proof ice cream from whiskey they get from local distiller Stranahan. Then, they stir in sweet butter brickle for a sweet crunch. Intriguing, for sure.

Only available in the Mallard Ice Cream's Bellingham, WA, shop, this flavor promises to be both sweet and smoky. The creamery promises that the aromatic ice cream will stimulate at least four of your senses (not sure if that's a threat, though…).

The base flavor of this mixed-up ice cream is white miso, which actually sounds like it would blend well with swirls of peanut butter and chunks of brownies .

This mix of tart goat cheese, sweet berries, and the kick of habanero peppers might not be for everyone, but this Portland, Oregon-based creamery will ship it to your house if you think you can handle it.

Technically, this is a gelato created by the magicians at il Laboratorio in New York City . But, it deserves a spot on this list because it stands at the crossroads of amazing and confusing, with fine bits of cheddar cheese sprinkled in a creamy sweet milk ice cream. 

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Imagine your favorite sweet, fruity sherbet flavor (maybe strawberry or lemon). Now, imagine the same texture and mouthfeel, but with a spicy tomato flavor . Sound good? Head to the Creole Creamery in New Orleans for this unique flavor and let the good times roll!

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Would You Try These 13 Absolutely Outrageous Ice Cream Flavors? — Eat This Not That

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